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What to Cook: Grains

What to Cook: Grains
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What to Cook: Grains

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Whenever somebody asks what they should cook first in their new Anyday dish, we almost always say: Grains. Why? It’s because grains cooked in the microwave are simply better.

That’s right. We’re saying it: Grains cooked in the microwave in an Anyday dish are better than grains cooked any other way. But why?

Why to cook grains in the microwave

The key to success for tender, fluffy grains is steam

— and the microwave excels at anything related to steaming. Many people use plastic wrap, a kitchen towel, or a plate to trap steam in the microwave, but none of those work as well as Anyday’s tight-fitting lid, which locks in moisture while letting excess steam escape through a venting knob to avoid spillovers.

The microwave is a set-and-forget method of cooking

... unlike the stovetop. Have you ever let your rice boil over or cook too long because you stepped away from the stove? You don’t have to worry about that when you cook your grains in the microwave. Once the microwave’s time is up, cooking stops immediately.

The cleanup is insanely easy

No soaking a starch-covered stainless steel pan — grains release easily from Anyday’s glass dish in warm, soapy water. Plus, you can prepare, cook, serve, and store your rice in the same container!

Microwaving is the most consistent method of cooking

Every microwave is different (do you know your microwave’s wattage? Here’s how to find out!), so the first few times you make grains, you may have to adjust your time or power level. But once you nail that perfect bowl, use the same settings and it will come out perfectly every time.



Tips for cooking grains perfectly in the microwave

Use a bowl with enough space

Grains cook by absorbing water and steam around them, which causes the grains to expand and take up more space than they started with in your cooking vessel. Also, starchy water needs enough space to bubble without boiling over! Using a big enough bowl is crucial for cooking rice evenly and without mess. We recommend using Anyday’s Large Deep Dish or Medium Deep Dish, which both have a domed bowl shape, depending on how many people you’re serving.

Rinse your grains before cooking

Since starchy water is more prone to bubble up in your dish, running your grains under warm water helps remove excess starch.

Check your power level

For grains to get tender and fluffy without turning mushy, they need gentle cooking. That’s why it’s important to cook grains in the microwave at a lower power level (level 3 or 4) to gently heat the water. If your grains are taking longer to cook than expected, increase the power level by 1. If it’s bubbling over, decrease the power level by 1.

Always lift the knob on your Anyday lid before cooking

Anyday’s lids are tight-fitting to trap heat and steam, but also have a knob to release excess steam to ensure the pressure doesn’t build. Lifting the knob before cooking is super important to avoid any water boiling over into your microwave. 

Let your grains rest with the lid on for a few minutes after cooking

This gentle steam helps your grains finish cooking and get fluffy without overcooking.


Did we convince you? Good. Try these grains in the microwave to get started: