It’s about time you put your microwave to work.

Anyday frees your time, so you can focus on the 1,001 other things on your to-do list. We make it fast and easy for you to cook delicious, healthier food with your kitchen’s most powerful tool: the microwave.

1Know your wattage

  • Every microwave is a little different, but generally, the higher the wattage (power), the faster your food will cook. Our recipes default to 1000w, but we’ll give you options to adjust cook time for different wattages.
  • Don’t know your microwave’s wattage? Take a look at the front or inside of the door, or in the manual. If you see both an input and output wattage listed, choose the output.

2Decide what you’re craving

  • Vegetables, rice and grains, meat, and fish can all be cooked deliciously in the Anyday.
  • Follow one of our recipes or improvise with our Ingredient Guides.

3Get cooking

  • Add your fresh, raw ingredients into your dish. Put on the lid, keeping the knob lifted so that excess steam can escape through the valve. Set the cook time, press Start, and enjoy a few minutes of well-deserved free time.

4Serve it up

  • Be careful handling the dish right out of the microwave — it’ll be hot! Use oven mitts to take it straight to the dinner table. Leave the lid on to keep it warm if you’re not eating right away.

5Put it away

  • Finished eating? Put everything straight in the dishwasher, or press down on the knob to make it airtight and stackable for your fridge.