14 Recipes for Cooking Corn in the Microwave

14 Recipes for Cooking Corn in the Microwave

14 Recipes for Cooking Corn in the Microwave

News 14 Recipes for Cooking Corn in the Microwave

Here at Anyday, we are big fans of cooking corn in the microwave! The microwave cooks fresh (or frozen) corn gently and evenly, bringing out the sweetness in every kernel. Plus, by the time you’re shucked each ear of corn from the husk, you deserve a little time back. The microwave eliminates any need to boil water on the stove, leaving you more time to tend to the rest of your cookout or simply enjoy the summer day.

Read on for our favorite microwave recipes for corn in its many forms: corn on the cob, corn kernels, and polenta or grits.


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Corn on the Cob

Peak-season corn is so sweet and juicy that it almost doesn’t need to be cooked! The best way to showcase corn’s natural sweetness is by sticking with simple preparations.

No cookout is complete without grilling a few ears of corn. For the best way to grill corn, we recommend skipping the traditional stovetop boil and opting to par-cook it in the microwave. Corn will steam to perfection in the same time it takes to boil the water. This will save you overall cooking time and locks in more nutrients, preserving each kernel's juiciness. Plus, it conserves water! When the rest of the meal is ready to go, finish the corn on the grill to achieve a little char, about 30 seconds for each side.

For more information on how to microwave corn on the cob, visit our ‘Corn on the Cob’ guide for detailed instructions and recipes.


Microwave Corn the Cob

Microwave Corn on the Cob
Never boil a pot of water to simmer corn again— this microwave method will save time at your next cookout!

Cook Time: 4-5 mins
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Cajun Shrimp Boil with Corn

Microwave Cajun Shrimp Boil with Corn and Potatoes

It’s not summer in the South without a seafood boil! Potatoes and slices of fresh sweet corn round out this one-pot dinner.

Cook Time: 11-12 mins
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More ‘Corn on the Cob’ recipes:

- Serve alongside Sloppy Joes for a quick, kid-friendly dinner.

- Add slices of corn alongside the clams to bulk up this Whole Clam Chowder with Bacon.

- Throw a backyard dinner with Pulled Pork and corn on the cob.


Corn Kernels

When fresh produce is this flavorful, you’re going to want to store as much as you can for later months. To freeze fresh corn, we recommend steaming it in the microwave before storing it in the freezer. Or, just head to your grocery store and buy a bag. Corn kernels are a great staple ingredient to keep in the freezer. Add frozen corn to a bowl of ramen, stir in to soups or make a quick bread as a side for barbecued meats.

For more information on how to microwave frozen corn kernels, visit our ‘Frozen Corn Kernels’ guide for detailed instructions and recipes.

Creamy Corn Spoonbread

Creamy Corn Spoonbread in the Microwave
Creamed corn meets jalapeno cornbread in this decadent side dish.
Cook Time: 6 mins

Mexican Street Corn Soup

Mexican Corn Soup in the Microwave
Sweet corn soup takes on the flavors of Mexico with chipotle and serrano peppers.
Cook Time: 8 mins
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More Corn Kernel recipes:

- Substitute hominy for sweet corn kernels in a Red Pozole soup.

- Stir into a Hot Link Chili to balance the spicy flavors with sweet corn.

- Add fresh corn kernels to the filling of an Easy Shepherd’s Pie.



Ground Cornmeal, Polenta, and Grits

Ground cornmeal is a staple in many pantries across the world. You can interchange packaged polenta for cornmeal, and some grocery stores may offer different grind levels to achieve the desired texture of your finished dish.

While both grits and polenta are traditionally cooked on the stovetop, we think there is a better way: cook it in the microwave! Instead of standing over the stove and handling the hot, bubbling corn porridge, we’ll take this hands-off, no-fuss version! Cornmeal cooks to creamy perfection in 20 minutes or less with almost no whisking, leaving more time to take care of everything else.

Have some fresh corn that you’d like to use ? While you can use fresh corn kernels in both polenta and grits, you may seek out specific recipes as the moisture ratios are different. We recommend this recipe for Ottolenghi’s Sweet Corn Polenta from our friends at Food52. Alternatively, you can use fresh corn as an additional ingredient. During the last few minutes of cooking, stir in fresh corn kernels straight from the cob. This will add more texture throughout the dish, as the sweet kernels burst with flavor in every bite.



Dave Chang’s Shrimp and Polenta

Chef Dave Chang's Shrimp and Polenta
Yes, Chef! This recipe highlights umami-packed polenta, cooked to perfection in the microwave.
Cook Time: 29-30 mins
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Creamy Polenta

Creamy Microwave Polenta
This recipe is truly magic— you’ll never have to stand over a pot of bubbling polenta ever again!
Cook Time: 20 mins

More Polenta recipes:

- Stir coconut cream into a batch of finished polenta and pair with Shrimp Curry.

- Add to Turkey Chili to bulk up a one pot dinner.


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